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I'm a former corporate consultant turned creative freelancer who believes more than ever in
the power of
compelling story.


Nice to meet you + thanks for finding g.lee. I know I said ^^^ up there that stories matter so I'll start with mine. 


After two years spent working for high-impact non-profit leaders developing blog, social media, and podcast content, passion quickly turned into skill.


I mastered the art of capturing and cultivating executive's ideas and voice to drive meaningful engagement with readers and supporters.


Fast forward another couple of years, I pivoted from understanding communication to business fundamentals as a management consultant specializing in Digital Transformation. I helped customers assess gaps within their marketing organizations, manage challenges associated with change adoption, and organize efforts to improve operations.


And then came g.lee: my attempt to merge the business fundamentals I mastered as a consultant with the creative communication skill I possess as a writer. Words have the power to change hearts, open minds, and build meaningful relationships. My goal in working with clients: do all three well.


If you'd like to connect and learn more about what I'm writing (or eating)? Click the chat window below!

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Podcast Content Blogs

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Social Media Campaigns

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Why Your Content Matters

Sharing quality content matters now more than ever before.


Think about it. Customers are consuming more words from screens today than any other time in human history. They're interacting with brands across multiple channels on .com sites, through apps, mobile devices, and on social media. Every word has the potential to educate, convey authenticity, build trust, and create change.


That's where I come in.


Chances are, if you're leading an organization, shepherding a team, or serving in a client-facing role, you've thought about the content being shared with your customers. You've thought about that newsletter you need to send to investors, that mission and vision statement you need to craft, or that pesky bi-weekly blog post in your backlog. 

But like most, you have limited time. Giving detailed, thoughtful consideration to all the content coming off of your keyboard simply isn't possible.


Again, here enters g.lee. I want to partner with you and your business to make sure that whatever your customers are reading - be it an email, blog post, or branding content - reflects the very best of your business.


Together, we'll collaborate to identify key objectives, desired audiences, and message points. From there, I'll wordsmith and fine tune each sentence until both of us feel ready to send it off to be read.

Excited to get started? Curious how we can partner together? Take a look at my Services to learn more!

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