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[ My Work ]


I've had the privilege of creating a wide range of content for the leaders and organizations I've worked with across social media applications, blogs, podcasts, .com sites, and the like. There's almost nothing I won't try and put words to!

But, in moments of quiet, I sometimes sense a stirring of words - perhaps a few sentences or even just a phrase or two. Maybe I'll be out on a run and an idea strikes. It usually leaves me with something like...

"I think I need to write about that"

I'm sure most writers know the feeling. I've written some of my best work on my phone from the corner of the gym or late at night in drowsy scribbles. 

Among other things, I've been inspired to write about heroism, social justice, faith, and the non-profit causes I care about. But regardless of the topic, there's usually one common thread between each of my pieces: storytelling. You'll notice that a lot of my work either starts with or finds its way to a story - it could be mine, or, that of someone I care for. 

Narratives are a powerful tool - not just in thought-pieces we read after work hours or on the weekend. They're powerful for any communicator be they a Fortune 500 executive or a small business owner. 

Stories humanize. They help us relate to the unrelatable. Tell a story and watch the bridges be built between people's minds and hearts. Watch them begin to contemplate not only who they are, but who their neighbors are and what it looks like to live in community with them.

For access to my writing samples or details on how we can partner to tell your or your organization's story, visit the 'Contact' page and let's get in touch!

[ Skills ] 

Content Strategy | Workshop Facilitation | Marketing Content Strategy & Development

Relationship Management | Brand Content Strategy | Project Management Blog Content Development

Social Media Content Development | Digital Strategy & Transformation People Development 

Podcast Content Development Research 

  [ Work Experience ]

SEP 2019 - JAN 2022

Point B Management Consulting, Digital Transformation | Senior Analyst 

  • Managed client projects working independently with executive level stakeholders to escalate risks and manage issues

  • Designed and facilitated workshops to understand client's current state pain points and desired outcomes

  • Leveraged best in class Digital Transformation capability frameworks helping clients to both retain existing and reach net new customers

National Emerging Leader (EL) Community Leader 

  • Designed and implemented EL Pod's to facilitate meaningful small-group connections for EL's across the firm during the pandemic

  • Collaborated with team members to conduct current state assessment of EL community and provide analysis of findings to executive leadership

AUG 2017 - MAY 2019

Editorial Assistant | Wheaton College

  • Contributed content and research to 50+ of Dr. Stetzer's published articles in national news magazines and outlets such as CNN, USA Today, and Christianity Today

  • Contributed content and research to Dr. Stetzer's podcast shows on Moody Radio

  • Managed the daily promotion of articles on Dr. Stetzer's Twitter account (240K+ followers) and Facebook (39K+ followers)

AUG 2017 - MAY 2019

Executive Writing Intern | HOPE International

  • Contributed to 12 articles featured on President and CEO Peter Greer's blog and other publications

  • Managed social media account content (Twitter, Facebook, and Insttagram) during the launch of Greer's latest book: Rooting for Rivals.

  • Created original content on a weekly basis for Greer's private Twitter account (6K+) and Facebook account (16K+)

  [ Education ]

2019, B.A. Summa Cum Laude

Wheaton College

Major in Political Science

Minors in Biblical and Theological Studies and Spanish


  [ Interests ]

Outside of my work as a content creator, I'm a passionate traveler and food-lover. I maintain a food blog where I document my adventures trying new foods in new places (exciting!) alongside those ordinary moments when it's noon and I have to precisely 17 minutes to cobble lunch together between work calls (still exciting!)

In case you needed another addition to your travel bucket list, here's some footage from my honeymoon last fall. My husband and I are feasting on Neopolitan pizza in Naples - a classic motif! You'll see how I quickly pivot from that nice, clean-ish, fork and knife approach to a more 'hands on' attempt in the photos below.

Delicious? Yes. Metaphorical for my approach to life? Absolutely.

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